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Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation helps us reclaim our relationship with God as it was meant to be.  It’s not trying—it’s training in eternal living, determined discipleship to Jesus Christ, and the way we discover the renewable source of spiritual energy we’ve been looking for (2 Cor 4:16).   Learn more about Spiritual Formation...

A Balanced Vision

The historical Church (Christians), despite its divisions and differences, has upheld the core characteristics of Christ’s life through what we now call traditions.  Taken together, these traditions help us envision a balanced spiritual life.  They serve as a guide to help us take on the life of Jesus—to become like Jesus ourselves—and as a result to be transformed from the inside out.  Apply a balanced vision to your life...

Practical Strategy

The practices of Jesus have been recognized for centuries as the core activities of the spiritual life.  In the same way a runner is equipped to compete in a marathon by the discipline of physical training, so training through spiritual disciplines frees us to live each day with the “easy yoke” and “light burden” Jesus spoke of (Matt 11:30).  Make a practical strategy...

Renovaré Covenant

"Sign" the Renovaré Covenant and join us as we grow in Christlikeness and work for the renewal of the Church of Jesus Christ in all her multifaceted expressions.  Sign the Covenant today.