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A guided journey through four soul-shaping books.

Join Renovaré team members and fellow sojourners in the annual online Renovaré Book Club. Currently underway, runs through June 2018. Register now.

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Book selections for 2017–2018

God Soaked Life
Session 1 October 23–December 16
God-Soaked Life : Discovering a Kingdom Spirituality
by Chris Webb
Chris Webb 08 17 Facilitated by Chris Webb
Hiding Place
Session 2 January 8–March 3
The Hiding Place
by Corrie ten Boom
Marti Facilitated by Marti Ensign
Screwtape Letters
Session 3 March 5–May 5
The Screwtape Letters
by C.S. Lewis
Mo Jo Facilitated by Robert Moore-Jumonville
Living Wisely
Session 4 May 7–June 30
Living Wisely with the Church Fathers
by Chris Hall
chris-hall Facilitated by Chris Hall

You’re invited to the great conversation of the soul. Join the 2017-18 Renovaré Book Club.

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Meet the Facilitators

Chris Webb 08 17

Chris Webb

Chris Webb is a Benedictine Anglican priest, author, speaker and teacher dedicated to helping people experience a richer walk with God by growing in prayer and the spiritual life. He has...
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Marti Ensign

A long-term missionary in Africa, Marti and her husband Len now live in Olympia, Washington. Marti works tirelessly as a conference and retreat speaker, and is former Director of Women...
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Mo Jo

Robert Moore-Jumonville

Robert Moore-Jumonville serves Spring Arbor University as Professor of Christian Spirituality in the Department of Theology. He has taught C.S. Lewis & Friends at the undergraduate and graduate levels and frequently...
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Chris Hall

Chris Hall currently serves as President of Renovaré. Previously Chris was Director of Academic Spiritual Formation and Distinguished Professor of Theology at Eastern University. Chris is the author of a...
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Chris Webb 08 17

Chris Webb

Chris Webb is a Benedictine Anglican priest, author, speaker and teacher dedicated to helping people experience a richer walk with God by growing in prayer and the spiritual life. 

Chris works as Deputy Warden of Launde Abbey and Diocesan Spirituality Adviser to the Diocese of Leicester. He has ministered in a wide variety of contexts: as a former president of Renovaré in the USA, as parish priest in Welsh farming communities and steel-working towns, and even in a church for the homeless.

While his more than twenty years of ministry have not yet not resulted in the founding of any globally significant megachurches, they have offered such memorable work as blessing a fleet of a hundred tractors, leading fourteen church services in a single day, and teaching a Baptist church to sing Latin Gregorian chant.

Chris has degrees in Planetary and Space Physics from the University of Wales, and in Theology from Trinity College, Bristol. He is the author of two books: The Fire of the Word (2011) and God-Soaked Life (2017).

Chris and his wife Sally live in the heart of rural Leicestershire; they have four children and, usually, a home full of more visitors than rooms. In his spare time he enjoys long-distance running, early music, ice cream, and reading Dante.

Chris Webb will be leading our 2017-2018 Renovaré Book Club through his brand new book, The God-Soaked Life.

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Marti Ensign

Marti Ensign is a long-time member of the Renovaré family—formerly serving on the board of directors, and currently serving on the Ministry Team. Over her long, full life in ministry, Marti has served in the past as Director of Women in Medicine and Dentistry for the Christian Medical/Dental Society, and is currently on the board of directors for Mission Aviation Fellowship, the board of governors for Friends in the West (sponsor of the African Children’s Choir), and a hostess for international visitors to the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C.

Few things are more delightful than hearing Marti share stories of her time as a medical missionary in Central Africa (Rwanda and Burundi). We invite you to enjoy her contribution to the oral tradition with An Evening with Madamo.

We’re grateful to be able to bring her stories to our 2017-18 Renovaré Book Club members this season as Marti leads us through Corrie ten Boom’s masterwork, The Hiding Place. Marti and Corrie were close friends in the last decades of Corrie’s life. Marti shares a bit of how their friendship developed: 

I first met Corrie TenBoom during our first term in Rwanda at a missionary conference for all denominations
and nationalities. She was the speaker, and since we had the largest and most comfortable cabin, she came
each day for tea. Everyone wanted to be around her all the time, sit next to her at meals get her anything she wanted.
Later the doctor told her that she must stop traveling all the time into different time zones and having strange food or she would die and not have a long ministry. She established a Missionary Guest house near Kampala and we were often there with her as well as in ministry to prisons and to schools in Burundi. We were at home in Seattle in the late 1970’s when she came to retire and stay in the USA. 
I was her link to that time in Africa that she loved so much. I was often with her in her home in Southern California and in meetings with her around the west. After she had a stroke and had aphasia it was my joy to go take care of her on different occasions when her regular caretakers needed a break.

Marti’s mission statement is simple, but profound: To share Christ and his message with humor and humanity in order to bring persons into a vital and growing faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. 

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Mo Jo

Robert Moore-Jumonville

Robert Moore-Jumonville serves Spring Arbor University as Professor of Christian Spirituality in the Department of Theology.

He received his Bachelor of Arts in Religion and History from Seattle Pacific University, his Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and earned his Ph.D. in the History of Christianity from The University of Iowa. An elder in the United Methodist Church, he has served for twenty years as senior pastor for three churches (in Illinois, Indiana, and now Michigan).  A member of West Michigan Conference since 2008, he currently pastors Pope United Methodist Church.

He has taught C.S. Lewis & Friends at the undergraduate and graduate levels and frequently delivers papers on Lewis at national conferences.

His publications include, Hermeneutics of Historical Distance: Mapping the Terrain of American Biblical Criticism, 1880-1914 (Rowan & Littlefield 2003), Advent & Christmas Wisdom from G. K. Chesterton, and Lent and Easter Wisdom from G. K. Chesterton, both with Thom Satterlee (Liguori 2007), and Jogging with G. K. Chesterton (Winged-Lion Press 2014).  

Dr. Moore-Jumonville is leading the 2017-18 Renovaré Book Club through C.S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters.

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Chris Hall

Christopher A. Hall (PhD, Drew University) serves as the President of Renovaré. He is associate editor of the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, and his books include Reading Scripture with the Church FathersLearning Theology with the Church Fathers, Worshiping with the Church Fathersand his newest release, Living Wisely with the Church Fathers.

Hall previously served at Eastern University for over twenty years in several roles, including chancellor, provost, dean of Palmer Seminary, dean of the Templeton Honors College, distinguished professor of theology, and director of academic spiritual formation. He and his wife, Debbie, live in Pennsylvania and have three grown children.

Chris Hall will be leading the 2017-18 Renovaré Book Club through his latest book, Living Wisely with the Church Fathers.

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Questions & Answers

How do I join the Renovaré Book Club?

Registrations for the 2017-18 season are now open. Come on in! Registration is easy and takes about 1 minute.

When does the Book Club begin? Can I join anytime?

Our 2017-18 season will begin on October 23, 2017. Membership registration is now open. You may join any time during the season and have access to previous books’ bonus features (articles and podcasts, as well as discussion board conversations).

What are the benefits of Membership?

Membership includes reading schedule with email reminders, study guides, podcasts, essays and a members-only discussion forum where you can interact with other members and the Renovaré team members leading the sessions. Membership also includes access to volunteer-led meetup groups in select areas.

Are books included with the cost of Membership?

Books are not included with membership and may be purchased at your local bookseller, or use Amazon or CBD links on the Book Club purchase page to support Renovaré.

Does it matter which editions of the books I use?

Yes, readers often find it easier to use the recommended editions, as page numbers and other details can be edition-specific. If you use an edition other than the one recommended, you may need to do some adaptation. Note: We are also aware that our readers are increasingly using eBook versions of the texts, and we will do our best to make the reading assignments make sense for the digital versions of our chosen editions as well.

Can I purchase a Book Club Membership as a gift for someone else?

You sure can! Purchase gift memberships here.

Who are the moderators of the Book Club?

Each session has a facilitator (either the author or an expert on the book) who will help you grow as you read each title. Additionally, our Renovaré staff work together to moderate the discussion board. Finally, our regional meetup groups (a pilot project this year) are coordinated by volunteer Book Club members.

How do I access downloads and participate in the discussions?

All resources and discussion are through a special Book Club members website. After joining you will be emailed instructions on how to log in.

Who chooses the books?

The leadership at Renovaré meets every spring and maps out the schedule for the year.

How do I find out if there is a meetup group in my area?

Check this map to see if there is a volunteer coordinator forming a group in your region. (Note: You can “grab” the map by clicking or tapping on it, and move it around to see various parts of the world.) If there are no groups in your area, you will still be able to join an online discussion group. Once you’re a member, you can also volunteer to become a coordinator for your region.

What is the time commitment when I join the Book Club? Do I have to participate at a certain time or day of the week?

The Renovaré Book Club can fit just about any schedule. We read each book over seven weeks, so the reading “assignments” are not more than 40 pages per week.

At the beginning of each book, our members receive an outline of the proposed reading schedule. Every Monday, we send out an update that includes:

  • A reminder as to that week’s reading assignment
  • A supplementary resource (usually an article or a podcast) from that book’s facilitator
  • (Sometimes) optional bonus resources for members who want to go deeper
  • A discussion question for those who wish to engage in online discussion.

All of the resources, once posted, are available all season. There are no “live” online discussions (members can post at any time), and you may engage as much or as little as you would like online.

Members who participate in a local meet-up led by a volunteer coordinator will gather once-a-month at a time, day, and place determined by the volunteer. 

Can I use the Club for my pre-existing book club or small group?

Yes! You have two options. 1. Each member of your group can sign up for the Club individually, and then you can serve as your own meetup group and go through the material together. If you wish, we can also set up a private online discussion forum for your group. (Contact [email protected] to arrange.)  2. For larger pre-exisiting groups, you can contact Justine to work out a flat-fee licensing agreement.

I have another question.

Justine Olawsky is glad to help. Email her at [email protected]

Join the 2017-18 Renovaré Book Club.

Join Bookclub$30

Books may be purchased separately from local bookseller or online (use Amazon or CBD links on our book purchase page to support Renovaré).