There­fore encour­age one anoth­er and build up each oth­er, as indeed you are doing.
1 Thes­sa­lo­ni­ans 5:11

What can I do, right now, to start being more inten­tion­al about my life with God?

How can I encour­age gen­uine dis­ci­ple­ship with­in my church community?

These are two of the burn­ing ques­tions that most often bring peo­ple to Renovaré. 

One of the strate­gies we can rec­om­mend with­out reser­va­tion is the cre­ation of Spir­i­tu­al For­ma­tion Groups.

All over the world, in liv­ing rooms, café’s, church base­ments, and back porch­es, small groups of ordi­nary peo­ple are meet­ing togeth­er to spur each oth­er on in their lives with God. These Spir­i­tu­al For­ma­tion Groups har­ness the pow­er of and with often life-chang­ing results for their participants.

Spir­i­tu­al For­ma­tion Groups are small (typ­i­cal­ly 2 – 7 mem­bers), and they meet togeth­er reg­u­lar­ly (often week­ly). They form for the express pur­pose of encour­ag­ing each mem­ber to become increas­ing­ly more like Jesus.

Thou­sands of peo­ple have found Renovaré’s Spir­i­tu­al For­ma­tion Work­book invalu­able in start­ing and sus­tain­ing these Spir­i­tu­al For­ma­tion Groups with­in their church or per­son­al con­text. The Work­book fea­tures prac­ti­cal guide­lines for start­ing a group, study plans for the first eight ses­sions, and a ques­tion­naire that helps map the way ahead

Ren­o­varé Spir­i­tu­al For­ma­tion Groups mem­bers fos­ter spir­i­tu­al bal­ance by learn­ing togeth­er about the Six Tra­di­tions of the Church. They prac­tice the relat­ed spir­i­tu­al dis­ci­plines through­out the week and then share their expe­ri­ences. They pray togeth­er, laugh togeth­er, hold one anoth­er account­able, and cheer each oth­er on.

Ready to get started?

Pur­chase A Spir­i­tu­al For­ma­tion Work­book or down­load free chap­ter: Start­ing a Group”.

Need a PDF of the Work­sheet (p. 103)?

We’ve got that, too! Please down­load it by click­ing HERE.

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