Help carry forward Richard Foster’s vision by making a gift to Renovaré in your will. 

Many Christians reach a point in their faith journey where they feel stuck. They long for a deeper life with God, genuine character transformation, and authentic spiritual friendships. They want a way to integrate their everyday life with their spiritual life.

Renovaré exists to help meet this need.

I remember a turning point in my own journey many years ago. Richard Foster dropped by my tiny office in the UK where I was a young and inexperienced book editor. Holding his hands far apart, Richard explained how many Christians think of their life with God as separated from the rest of life — work, social issues, culture. 

Richard went on:​“Now I realize that the truly spiritual person, if they are to do what Jesus did” — and here he brought his hands together and interlaced his fingers — would see how closely they could combine these two apparently distinct worlds.” 

Right then I was presented with a challenge that would consume the rest of my life. This conversation, followed by many more experiences with the Renovaré community, showed me how to access an ever more integrated life with God. 

Renovaré has much more work to do in helping people be formed into the image of Jesus and experience a joyful relationship with him.

Your gift ensures that Renovaré by God’s grace can continue this work for many years to come.

James Catford

James Catford
Renovaré Ministry Team Member and Past Board Chair

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