Spiritual director and author Alice Fryling believes aging is an invitation from God to embrace our limitations and discover fruitfulness and transformation in unexpected places.

Show Notes

[2:13] What was it like for you to write this book? 

[5:07] As you’ve been aging, what has been happening in your soul?

[7:56] It’s interesting that the idea of living within our limitations is seen as a negative and something to be fought. Is part of aging learning to live within the limitations that have now presented themselves?

[9:58] As you are talking about your limitations, you’re smiling. How have you gotten to that place where this is not something to be fought and hated, but embracing where you’re at?

[14:29] In the book you talk about productivity and fruitfulness. Can you share about those things?

[17:51] Do you have a word for folks who are really struggling with navigating aging?

[25:57] Why do we fight growing older?

[27:52] You wrote a book on the Enneagram. How is that helpful in aging?


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