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In this month’s episode of Friends in Formation, James, Richella, and Nate answer listener questions about women in ministry and gender roles, the Trinity, and Spiritual Direction.

Show Notes

[3:40] We’ve got several questions about women in ministry, question about gender roles, and different hurdles that women like a young mother might face for different spiritual practices.

[19:08] A couple of listeners have asked questions focusing on communicating with the Trinity when having inner dialogue with God, the Father, Jesus, the Eternal Son, and the Holy Spirit and who to address, who to pray to and why.

[33:14] Many people ask us about Spiritual Direction. Would a Spiritual Director be helpful to me to draw closer to the heart of God or would this be one more interesting diversion from personally hearing from God? How do we think about Spiritual Direction in community? Should I find a Spiritual Director rather than a mentor?


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