In this episode, Nathan talks with author and musician Michael Card about hesed, an untranslatable Hebrew word that expresses God’s love and faithfulness. Michael believes it may be the most important word in Scripture and spent ten years writing a book to unpack its meaning.

Show Notes

[2:29] What would you tell your younger self?

[3:05] What is it that you care about these days?

[6:16] You wrote a book about one word. Tell us about the book.

[9:22] What does the word mean to you personally?

[10:31] How do you live into it?

[15:05] I’m noticing in your writings and in your music this love of Scripture. Where did that come from?

[18:31] What do you hope people take away from the book?

[22:25] How do you personally work with Scripture these days?


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