Prayer doesn’t have to be perfect, just real. Brian Morykon and Nathan Foster talk about music and writing as forms that help us craft authentic prayers in this 2015 episode of the Renovaré Podcast.

Brian’s song that is referenced in the podcast conversation and played at the end of the episode is What Can I Do (lyrics below), from The Smallest Seed, released December 18, 2012. © All rights reserved.

Please give me grace to be weak
The moment I’m strong I get up and leave
Where am I going in such a rush anyway
My heart tap of love is running dry
Tried to fix it myself and clogged my mind
I’m knee deep and need Your touch to put things right

What can I do apart from You?

I made a god of self-control
Worshipped my will like it saved my soul
Made sacrifices but nothing satisfied it
Where is that 12 step meeting place
for addicts high on their own ways
I’m ready to surrender

I can build my house on the sand
A fragile façade where I can pretend
until one strong blow of your wind
I am left standing without any walls
And the Wind that just broke me breathes in my soul
the Breath of Life… oh…

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