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The Renovaré Podcast

Nathan Foster talks to ordinary saints about spiritual formation, spiritual disciplines and everyday life with God. New episode each Monday.

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Nathan Foster Cris Rogers
Nathan Foster & Cris Rogers
April 16, 2018

Episode 124 - Prayer In Action // Cris Rogers

"Ours is a church on mission, not a church with a mission. It's a very uncomfortable place to be consumeristic." Cris Rogers is Rector of All Hallows' Church in Bow, London. His passion for prayer, community, and making authentic disciples of Jesus is evident in this conversation with Nathan Foster.

Cris in turn interviewed Nathan Foster. Watch that interview on YouTube.

Rebecca Willard Heatley Jan Johnson
Rebecca Willard Heatley & Jan Johnson
April 2, 2018

Episode 123 - Dallas Willard's Life Without Lack // Rebecca Willard Heatley & Jan Johnson

Dallas Willard believed it was possible to live a life without fear, a life without lack. A new book by that name is now available from the late philosopher and writer. It is based on a series of talks on Psalm 23 Dallas gave at his home church. Nathan talks about the book with Dallas' daughter Rebecca, and with Jan Johnson who worked closely with him.

Get more information on Jan Johnson's Life Without Lack course. And more information about Dallas Willard on his website or the Dallas Willard Center website.

Richard J. Foster Jan Johnson Steve Fawver Nathan Foster
Richard J. Foster & Jan Johnson & Steve Fawver & Nathan Foster
March 26, 2018

Episode 122 - Meditation Q & A // Richard Foster, Steve Fawver, Jan Johnson

How did Jesus meditate? Is it possible to meditate while doing other things? Those questions and others are answered today by Richard Foster, Steve Fawver, and Jan Johnson on today's podcast hosted by Nathan Foster.

Jan Johnson Steve Fawver Nathan Foster
Jan Johnson & Steve Fawver & Nathan Foster
March 19, 2018

Episode 121 - Savoring God // Jan Johnson & Steve Fawver

Meditation is like savoring a delicious meal one slow bite at a time. Author Jan Johnson and Pastor Steve Fawver share practical insights on how meditation helps us to taste and see that the Lord is good.

Transitional music by Lee Rosevere.

Nathan Foster Joshua Banner
Nathan Foster & Joshua Banner
March 12, 2018

Episode 120 - Audio Retreat: Meditation on Psalm 131

Today's podcast is a 20-minute meditation—an audio retreat—on Psalm 131. Put on some headphones, find a comfortable spot, and let your soul be quieted. This episode is a collaboration with Joshua Banner from The Invitation Podcast.

Hear more retreats like this, along with thoughtful interviews, at The Invitation Podcast.

Nathan Foster
Nathan Foster
March 5, 2018

Episode 119 - Christian Meditation: Filling Not Emptying // Nathan Foster

Continuing our focus on one Spiritual Discipline per month, we turn our attention to meditation—specifically, and it's important here to be specific, Christian meditation. Nathan Foster shares why and how to fill our minds and hearts with what is lovely, good, praiseworthy, and true.

Transitional music by Lee Rosevere.

Richard J. Foster Steve Fawver Lacy Finn Borgo Nathan Foster
Richard J. Foster & Steve Fawver & Lacy Finn Borgo & Nathan Foster
February 26, 2018

Episode 118 - Submit to One Another // Richard Foster, Steve Fawver, Lacy Borgo

"Submit yourselves to one another out of reverence for Christ." This verse in Ephesians 5 is the cornerstone of the discipline of submission. Listen in on a discussion with Richard Foster, Steve Fawver, Lacy Borgo, and Nathan Foster in this week's panel-style episode.

Nathan Foster Robert Moore-Jumonville
Nathan Foster & Robert Moore-Jumonville
February 19, 2018

Episode 117 - Devils and Discernment (Screwtape Letters) // Robert Moore-Jumonville

Robert Moore-Jumonville (MoJo), Professor at Spring Arbor, joins Nate again to discuss how Screwtape Letters, in its diabolical way, teaches discernment. MoJo is facilitating the book in the Renovaré Book Club

Steve Fawver Lacy Finn Borgo Nathan Foster
Steve Fawver & Lacy Finn Borgo & Nathan Foster
February 12, 2018

Episode 116 - A Posture of Openness to God's Wonders // Steve Fawver & Lacy Borgo

These days, the word submit usually brings to mind one person exerting power over another. In this episode, Nate's guests—pastor/professor Steve Fawver and spiritual director and Renovaré ministry team member Lacy Borgo—reframe submission as a powerful choice to yield to God and others.

Transitional music by Lee Rosevere.

Nathan Foster
Nathan Foster
February 5, 2018

Episode 115 - Starting with Submission // Nathan Foster

Celebration of Discipline turns forty this year and our articles and podcasts will focus on one discipline per month. Since yielding to God is the goal of all spiritual disciplines, it's fitting to start this journey with Submission. In this episode, Nathan Foster reminds us why disciplines aren't "twelve new things to fail at" but rather entry points to life with God.